The turtle revolution

The memories of when our parents left us to sleep at our grandparents’ arouse touching emotions in most of us. Those were moments of freedom, of play, of complicity but also of immense respect for those “old” relatives. As soon as we crossed the threshold and above all as soon as Mom and Dad closed the door behind us, we unleashed ourselves like runaway horses but when the time came to go to sleep magic happened. Our grandparents accompanied us to bed and stopped there with us to read us a story, some dusted off stories from their past and, instead of using a book, they took us to the arms of Morpheus telling us stories of when they too were children. We made ourselves dumb, little ones, the attention concentrated on the words we were listening to. And we never tired of hearing those stories, on the contrary we sometimes asked for them to be told again and each time they were always more beautiful.

A few days ago, at the Association I Sentieri del Vento in Milan, I had the luck, together with about thirty people, to relive those emotions, but this time they were even more amplified.

In front of us there were two grandparents, two Great Grandparents: Shomiss and Coocoom.

All grandparents, due to their age, are considered experienced people, but these two are not ordinary grandparents. Starting with their physical aspect: headgear of feathers and animal skins, colored marks on the face, smoking pipe in their hand. And the stories they told us were about bears, forests, natural medicine and primordial knowledge and skills.

We are talking about Dominique Rankin, a spiritual leader of the Anicinape tradition and a Medicine Man, and Marie-Josée Tardif, his partner and student. Together they travel the whole world to spread some teachings that are simple but forgotten.

The evening with them did not start with a story, but with a slow song with an ancient and sacred flavor, a song in which the female voice is predominant as well as the rhythm given by a tambourine of animal skin. From the beginning of the melody the references to Mum Earth, to natural rhythms, to the gift of life are evident.

It is not a mistake. Coocoom explains that Shomiss does not speak of Mother Earth, but of Mum Earth, because in their language (and in all the languages ​​of the world, I would say) there is a big difference between the terms “mother” and “mum”. It is a question of affection, closeness, love. In Indian culture women represent the roots of the world, because they are bearers of water and give birth, just like Mum Earth.

And the stories that follow make clear how much these two Great Grandparents love our Planet. They speak of a relationship with Nature that we Western men and women, we modern men and women, we rational men and women have completely forgotten, lost in our hectic, senseless lives.

That sense that Shomiss felt in the depths of his child’s heart when he and his 17 brothers and sisters fought to decide who should sleep with the bear cubs who lived in the Indian tent with them for 6 months a year. That same sense he felt when, as a child, he spent his hours in the forest studying traditional medicine and looking for himself again. That sense that Dominique still feels when he wakes up very early in the morning to admire the dawn and while he waits for dawn to come, he converses  with Mum Earth.

That sense that Shomiss himself lost for 6 long years after the Canadian police had taken him from his home at the age of 7,5 years to bring him by force to the big city where he was locked up in a boarding school, against his real nature, without considering that he had already been given a house, a school and a very profound knowledge. They tried to eradicate him, to distort him, to take away the wild child he had inside.

Shomiss, however, found that wild child again. After 6 years he returned to his beloved forests, with his animal friends and took up his life again, he began to live following the natural rhythms, giving himself moments of meditation, finding his heart again. He took care of himself and was cured. He returned to a balance with Mum Earth.

We, instead, have lost that balance. Perhaps not permanently, but it is very, very far from us. We live our lives as if we were actors who are simply staging a script, without really experiencing life. We are devoured by commitments, torn by very fast rhythms, deafened by noise and we no longer have time to think. We are convinced that cities are better than nature, that technology is better than animals. We do not even realize that we are often afraid of animals, while we should be terrified by our own inventions, of the artificial intelligence that we are developing at such a frightening rate. We do not even notice that even our forests have been civilized and are no longer natural! We are so far from life, from ourselves, that we do not notice how anxious and hopeless young people are. We have become control freaks, but what we want to control is outside ourselves, while we should learn to look inside ourselves and start taking care of ourselves, of our little savage, of our heart.

Because nature is a holistic system, where everything is interconnected. The problems of Mum Earth, therefore, are nothing else than a reflection of our inner problems. And every time the Earth suffers, we suffer with it.

Just as we should take care of ourselves before treating the others, similarly we should cure ourselves before thinking of saving the Earth.

If we want to save the World, therefore, we must reclaim our natural intelligence, return to living according to Nature, rediscovering silence and slowness, living the Present, taking the time to do things and sometimes having the moral honesty not to do them. We must regain confidence in ourselves and find that Spiritual Feminine part again that has been crushed and forgotten in this world based on a strongly masculine animal system, made up of values ​​that favor violence, rationality and accelerated rhythms.

In the animal kingdom the turtle represents at best the Spiritual Feminine because it has all its characteristics as it is connected both to the Earth and to the water. The turtle is an animal that has a hard shell but in front of a danger it closes in on itself. The shell is the turtle house, they say, and when in peril the turtle protects itself by hiding at home.

This is precisely the secret to saving ourselves and taking care of Mum Earth: we must become “savage” again, we must go back home. It is fundamental that we find those spiritual feminine gifts that we still have somewhere inside as they will allow us to return to having hope: collaboration, emotional intelligence, prayer, silence, calmness.

To take root firmly in one’s own interior to support the World and defeat a destructive system based on a distortion towards male animal values: this is the turtle’s revolution!

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